Thunder In Your Heart demo CD-R
self released
March 2005

Say "Fuck No" to Rules, Man LP/CD
August 2006

Split 7" w/ Protestant
Barbarian Records
June 2007

Bastards United ep
Level Plane Records
August 2007

Split 7" w/ Call Me Lightning
Scenester Credentials
February 2008

Split 7" w/ Smashing Off
El Paso Records / Batshit Insane
March 2008

What the Fuck Happened to Common Sense? 12" ep
Underground Communique
February 2010

I Can Always Live LP/CD/Cassette
Gilead Media / Hyperrealist
March 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure ep
Get Rad / Halo of Flies / Perpetual Motion Machine
March 2011

Split 7" w/ Sweet Cobra
Underground Communique / Hawthorne Street / Lifeline Records
February 2014