Monday, March 22, 2010

I Can Always Live LP/CD

Hello everyone. Myspace usership has decreased by 50% since we started talking about this record, but oh well... IT IS FINALLY DONE!!! The CDs arrived a few weeks ago & the LPs arrived on Saturday! The "official release date" isn't until April, but if you're one of the lucky ones living in Milwaukee, you can get it now @ Rushmor Records! Dan & Bill have been super supportive of our band since the beginning, so were proud to have them be the first place on the planet that you can purchase this record.

To celebrate the release of this record, as well as our 5 years as a band, we are playing a show this coming Friday. That will be the first place that you can get the record or cd from us, as well as the limited edition version:

These covers were printed with the hopes of having this record in time for our west coast tour in October 2009, but the west coast's loss is your gain. These copies feature screen printed artwork & test press editions of the vinyl and are limited to 50 copies. After the shows this weekend, the remaining copies will be put up for sale on our website along with the actual version of the LP & CD and some other new goodies.

All of this goodness is thanks to our good friends Adam @ Gilead Media & Pat @ Hyperrealist. These dudes have both thrown their bank accounts into the red to support our band and we are forever grateful to them. Both of them will also have the records for sale on their sites in the very near future. Gilead Media also has a special pre-order package deal that comes with an exclusive t-shirt design.

Anyway, thanks for your patience with this record. It may have taken us 2 years to finally get it finished, but we are super proud of it and are excited for you to finally hear it.

Thanks for reading & for your continued support.

Stay Rad!

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