Friday, December 24, 2010

Get Rad Update - December 2010

hello everybody. i know theres pretty much no one reading this on myspace anymore, but oh well. anyway, hope all of you are doing well. get rad is enjoying our vacation from the band. while im figuring out how to be a dad, brad is blowing his life savings on new motorcycles, ben is writing riffs for breathe fire & kevin is slaving away at stay rad screenprinting.

while we are enjoying all of our free time, were all getting the itch to start getting rad again. we have a new practice space lined up and we plan on jamming again early in the new year. good thing because we have our first show back scheduled for mid-february! its going to be at the cactus club with hellmouth (ex-suicide machines) & explode and make up (ex-88 fingers louie). two bad ass bands that both happen to have records on underground communique! (

if all goes according to plan (which it rarely does) we should have a new record available at the show! its a brand new 5 song 7" called CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. its being released by our friends at Halo of Flies & Perpetual Motion Machine. both are bad ass labels that have been thanklessly putting out records for years. check them out if youre not familiar with them. ( /

next up after that is our long delayed split 7" with SWEET COBRA. i think they have finished recording, so were just waiting on the amazing artwork to be finished up by putrid matt ( hope to see this record by early spring.

around that same time we will be releasing a cd of off our non-lp songs. 31 or 36 songs or something like that ranging from our newest records back to the thunder in your heart demo. this cd is a cooperative effort of several diy record labels from all over the globe. we have been talking about doing this cd for years, so im really excited that it is going to finally be available.

thats about all for now. hope you all have a merry christmas & a happy new year.

stay rad.

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