Friday, June 22, 2012

Goddamn our practice space it hot!!!

I thought our new space had air conditioning? Rumor has it that every other floor in the building except ours does? That's some bullshit!

In spite of the heat we've been hanging out there a bunch. Laying low while we take a break from playing shows and concentrate on writing some new songs. So far we have 8 that we can play together as a band and tons more floating around in our minds. But don't get too excited, because a new record is way off in the distance. Maybe our split 7" with Sweet Cobra will finally come out and tide you over a bit.

If recorded music isn't your thing and you're getting antsy because we haven't played a show in almost 2 months, the wait will be over soonish. A few local things and another journey into another one of the Wisconsin cities that we have neglected in the past. More info on those shows once everything is set in stone.

So yea, nothing too exciting right now. Sorry for wasting your time.

Stay Rad!

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