Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review - Choose Your Own Adventure

here it is. the 1st review for "Choose Your Own Adventure." it's not so good. oh well...

From MRR #338

Get Rad - "Choose Your Own Adventure" EP
This is "Modern" hardcore from Wisconsin that follows the well-established formula of clean-cut fast partys, occasional epic moments, and lyrics about skating, keeping posi, and other predictable topics. As the title implies, the theme is a mini choose your own adventure comic staring Cru Jones from the movie RAD. Pretty unremarkable. - Jason Halal

On the upside, the record did make Bob Goldie's top 10 in the same issue.

Also, if that review was enough to finally push you over the edge to the "I really need to own that record" camp, we still have a few copies left on colored vinyl. Still not sure & want to hear it first? Here you go!

More and/or better reviews coming soon.

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